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Major Arcana

0 The Fool: Sera (default) - spontaneity, apparent folly

I The Magician: Dorian (default) - having power, conscious awareness

II The High Priestess: Vivienne (default) - waiting patiently, mystery

III The Empress: Cassandra (Divine) - cherishing others

V The Hierophant: Solas (romanced) - pursuing knowledge, identifying with others

VI The Lovers: Varric (default) - personal beliefs, having strong values

VII The Chariot: Dorian (romanced) - self-assertion, reconciling dark and light

VIII Strength: Cassandra (default) - compassion, control

IX The Hermit: Solas (default) - introspection, solitude

X The Wheel of Fortune: Iron Bull (save Chargers) - being at a turning point

XI Justice: Blackwall (default) - responsibility, accepting your fate

XII The Hanged Man: Sera (romanced) - accepting what is, living in the moment

XIII Death: Blackwall (exiled) - an ending, inexorable forces

XIV Temperance: Cassandra (romanced) - finding the middle ground, experiencing harmony

XV The Devil: Iron Bull (default) - overindulging, experiencing bondage

XVI The Tower: Solas (EGG WHY) - revelation, being in chaos

XVII The Star: Sera (after companion quest) - hope, inspiration

XVIII The Moon: Cole (default) - feeling bewilderment and fear

XIX The Sun: Varric (after companion quest) - being reinvigorated, feeling greatness

XX Judgement: Blackwall (after companion quest) - hearing a call, being reborn

XXI The World: Vivienne (Divine) - accomplishment, integration

Minor Arcana

7 of Wands: Iron Bull (sacrifice Chargers) - aggression, conviction

Knight of Wands: Dorian (after companion quest) - passion, daring, charm

Queen of Cups: Vivienne (after companion quest) - unconditional love

Ace of Pentacles: Iron Bull (romanced) - practicality, trust

Knight of Pentacles: Blackwall (romanced) - pessimism, loyalty
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