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SO while I was washing my hair in the gd sink earlier, I was like, I wonder if AU Trek timeline also has a Mirrorverse, and then I was like, I bet AU!Mirror!Spock has a soulpatch.

Chin moss.


ANYWAY, I have decided something sort of three-fold. I need to write more, and the easiest way to start doing this again is to write fic. But I don't know where I want to start, so I was like, hey, I also could use more DW friends and I don't know where to start getting them after over a year of not using my old LJ.

So then I was like, hey, I'll ask you guys for prompts. And if you want to send a friend over with a prompt, do that, too!

It will work like this:

Give me a prompt, as general or specific as you like, but try to avoid things that would be suited to chaptered fics since these are one-shots. Include in the prompt the FANDOM, the CHARACTER/S, and any other relevant information such as whether you want gen/slash/het/etc, and whatever scenarios or anything else you might be interested in.

Do not shy away from fic wish fulfillment: if you have the balls to ask I have the balls to make it happen. Do not shy away from asking for fandoms I may not be familiar with, because it can't hurt to ask (some of them are listed in my interests but not all.)

I'll write your piece of short fiction and reply to your comment with it, sent with my love ♥.

If I decide I can't write it because I'm not familiar enough with the canon, I'll ask you if there's something else you'd like, and we can reply until we find something YOU like that I AM FAMILIAR WITH.

And in this respect it also functions as a friending meme, SEE WUT I MEAN?

a list to keep my head on straight )

ok go

note: since these will take a few hours a piece to finish since quality is important to me, i'm going down the list in passes, so if you request more than one, that's fine, i'll get to yours after a first pass and then keep making passes down the list as i post finished fic.


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