Jun. 3rd, 2014

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SO, since I'm moving I'm trying to sell/get rid of most of my crap because I just own too much crap to be mobile. Therefore, below, is a list of single issue comic books that I'm giving away. Smaller amounts will be given away to wanting folks for free, heavier amounts I may ask just for shipping (book rate.) I really just want these to be read and enjoyed. The quality is good because I take care of my stuff but I'm not guaranteeing these are in mint condition or anything, especially as I'm giving them away intended for reading more than collection.

The runs below are kind of spotty and not always very complete, because I worked as a manager of a comic store for a few years and would scavenge my own collection when someone came in offering a reasonable amount of money for a back-issue they needed that I had. But there are a few gems. So have a look!

There are two more long boxes hiding around my house somewhere but I can't find them for the life of me so.


Feel free to ask questions to ascertain volume numbers or storylines or artist/writers, whatever you might like.


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if anyone asks this is educational

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