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RECENT: Not much, actually. I am bad. I really need to get him out, meeting new people, and active again, because as a character he's been a little too settled lately. He's content in his relationship, and he's so private that he doesn't really discuss that, or himself, very much, unless it's with people he's already familiar with.
SOON: I want to shake him up. Somehow. Possibly enough to make him start snapping back to a more Vulcan personality, as usually happens. In TOS, his development is very cyclical. As soon as he really notices how human he's becoming surrounded by humans, he purposefully starts building up his personality again and is more stringent about his Vulcan roots. Basically, I need Spock to get into a situation where it would have been better if he had reacted and behaved in a more Vulcan manner. ANY VOLUNTEERS?


RECENT: Content as always to be a 24 hour party monster. I've been bad about getting him out, I need to start throwing him everywhere again so he makes new relationships Last month, I EPed him, and planned to follow up with a lot of his established CR, but ended up having to drop those threads because I couldn't justify tagging people back seventeen days late after my major health problems of Feb.
SOON: Might be getting a little shaken up, for once, from a tangential involvement in Castiel's plot. He may grow a little more sulky and sullen, as Robin has a wont to do when the universe has generally disappointed him. Other than that, he's always available to push pups outside of their comfort zone.

RECENT: Rin ended up giving a temptaint to Clementine and Kurt Hummel, which should be interesting to play out in the future. It hadn't really occurred to him concretely that it was a possibility that this could happen, and he's got to deal with that fact in his own way, and acknowledge what makes him different, which is never totally comfortable for Rin.
SOON: Working on plotty in which he gets monsternapped and Yukio and Dean and Castiel end up coming to spring him. This should have some long-reaching consequences, especially in regard to Rin's total discomfort with the idea of using his demonic abilities against humans. He doesn't want to seem like a threat, and it's starting to backfire on him.

RECENT: Not a whole lot concrete, but I've been trying to tag around the community more with Lafayette and to get him to know more people. Darrow is actually kind of relieving to him, so he falls into a holding pattern pretty easily Which isn't so great for play.
SOON: I think I'll toss him out to do some more outrageous stuff in the near future, maybe give him an EP this month. He's still going to pursue things with Hermione, and I also want to get in contact with Umi, Rayo's mun, to talk over some possibilities for Laffy and Rayo's soulscaping, since Lafayette still has that 'demon' he inherited from Jesus.


RECENT: RON. So that's exciting. I've tagged a few new people, but really, Remus is one of the ones I need to work on getting shit together for the most. I'm pretty aimless with him, I don't really know in what direction I ought to take him.
SOON: Adjusting to having Ron around, which he appreciates. Maybe sending him out to be more aggressive about meeting other people on the more supernatural end of the community, the other werewolves and the like. Remus' biggest problem is that his ideas about himself and what's appropriate for himself are pretty converse of most of the werewolves outside of himself in Darrow.


RECENT: One of my busiest. As he ought to be, the meddling little twat. Recently, he's been helping Rukia to develop her zanpakutou's abilities, and also, working with Dean Winchester in order to give him spiritual powers of his own. As Uraharas do. He also hooked up with Rayojini for a chat, so that was interesting, because he doesn't have any of his memories from the game where he knew her last. Still, he's the sort of personality that accepts any truth when it's self-evident, so he believes in Rayojini.
SOON: ... he's going to make himself NPC kids. So that will be a thing. A morally ambiguous thing.


RECENT: Not a whole ton of plottiness. He's settled into his relationship with Korra more fully, so there's still stuff to develop there, but it's steadier stuff than before. He's just been derping around and making friends, basically, which is cool, as it's his modus operandi. He's been quiet lately, largely I think in part because there haven't been as many good opportunities for me to throw him into other people's EPs since I got back from being sick.
SOON: I want to run a plot with him involving a yakuza-like organization, if anybody out there in Darrow-land wants to jump in on a plot about human trafficking and illegal gambling. Or fight yakuza.


RECENT: SQUAT. I haven't done much with her since her debut, because I got sick pretty much immediately after, and I need to fix this. She's been hanging out with Shikamaru and adjusting to life in Darrow, which is ... a lot different than life in the Hidden Sand.
SOON: Tag her into some EPs so she can meet people. She's one of my more understated personalities, so I need to tell myself I'm not just going to bore people to tears if I throw her at them.


ABEL NIGHTROAD: I put in my app for this bastard, and I'm really looking forward to playing him. He's a science fiction character, but he's also a vampire ... who feeds exclusively on other vampires. He's also a priest, which will be interesting in Darrow, and he'll probably end up trying to run a soup kitchen/shelter. That'll give him a reason to stay connected to the community.

HC-IIIX 'Tres Iqus': Also a Trinity Blood pup, but I don't care, I want to app them both anyway. Tres is an android with a human brain and brain stem, and I really want to explore his character. Apping him is really half writing experiment, on my end. I am eager to see how he interacts with others and what kinds of relationships he forms, because his personality is ... kind of The Spock, taken to certain extremes. In his own words, he's not a man, he's a machine. His entire reason for existence is to be someone else's property. Which, of course, is concerning, and ought to be.

JAMES BROWN: ... pending the completion of Get On Up.

ANYBODY WANT THREADS? I am looking for threads for both March and April right now, not necessarily to immediately start or anything, but just ideas for character hook-ups or potential plot winding.
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